How to make bamboo charcoal briquettes?

With the great popularity of using charcoal as the fuel to replace using coal, more and more people are interested in the charcoal production business. Therefore, our charcoal making machines are very hot now in the international market.

Classifications of charcoal

The most common charcoal we can see in the market is the log charcoal or wood charcoal. And then the biomass charcoal briquettes,, such as bamboo charcoal, rice husk charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, paddy straw charcoal, etc. Besides, the shisha charcoal(hookah charcoal), honeycomb charcoal briquettes, and BBQ charcoal are also very popular now.

How to make bamboo charcoal briquettes?

For different customers, their choice will be different due to different investing budget. Some will choose the whole charcoal production line, and some may only choose the carbonization furnace for making bamboo charcoal. However, no matter what your requirements are, we can support you with the best equipment you need at a good price.

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